It’s been along time since I did an update being busy sounds like an excuse because it is. The real answer is I missed one instalment because I was at Glastonbury Festival which broke my Sunday night habit of updating my Blog.

So I,m here now at the blank screen after taking my daughter to Bristol where she is about to start her studies to be a midwife.

I have to be honest with you she quite often sorted my grammar and spelling. I apologise now for the mistakes I am going to make but I hope you are interested enough in my ramblings to get past English as my foreign  language.

Therefore I am now starting this Blog and scratching my hairless head trying to bring memories of a few weeks ago to nearly two months ago to the front of my mind. This is no easy task as I have been busy but I will try and write in a concise informative way. Not to many lists and enough of my  eccentric humour to be engaging, perhaps not to dull.

So back in time to the last week of June. Glastonbury Festival. I had a great time helping with the sound and stage at The Green Room.

Some old some and some new acts, all good and no problem getting a clear sound.

Thanks to Dan Poole for bringing his new digital desk everything in one box.

I did manage to go and see Tommy Emanuelle at the Acoustic Stage he was fabulous as usual I positioned my self in the middle of the arena for a perfectly balanced sound .

Thanks to Huey for all his sterling work. We did manage a walk around the site get wet and drink a few beers.

Look forward to next year


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