Some say they will some say nothing at all

Some say they will some say nothing at all

What a week most people were surprised by the election results. I to am no predictor of political trends but most of my friends  thought the seeds of change had been planted but the result was another five years of the same farrow being ploughed by the portly and ruddy faced party of self.

I don’t care or want to know who you voted for or if you even vote, but I feel my conscience is clear I made my mark on a paper I didn’t spoil.

Its been a good week of rehearsals for XTR and Mark Anthony.We have also recorded some new videos the editing is a new challenge hopefully I can get the first one up asap.

This week Real Deal strutted their stuff at the King William Glastonbury with a guest harmonica player Al Cosnet and a fun night for all and home early.

Speak soon

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